VR Safety Solutions is now providing fire extinguisher training.

The best training experiences are now possible with virtual reality.

Fire extinguisher training can be expensive and time consuming. And how many people have actually had the chance to practise on a fire extinguisher? Now, PASS VR provides the best learner outcomes on all of your fire extinguisher training.

See an increase in:

  • Understanding
  • Engagement
  • Retention

This fully immersive and interactive virtual reality training experience guides its learners through the full step-by-step process of putting out a live fire in multiple real life scenarios.

  • Safety Training
  • HSE Training
  • Human Resources

Whatever the application, learners can practise again and again until they master the PASS technique - Pull. Aim. Squeeze. Sweep. Learning has never been more fun or effective.

Start learning in VR! The fire won’t stand a chance.

Contact a VR Pro today at 1-800-556-4227 or via email at: info@safetyconsultants.com

Making Safety Simple.